Drudge alternatives, 66 of them total, are listed two paragraphs below. The first 25 Drudge Report alternatives are listed with stats. The next 41 news aggregators sites following are too small for similarweb.com to keep enough data on — and thus are listed without stats — in an alphabetical format. Your monthly page for all the best news aggregators who are correct, not politically correct.

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Images & (U.S. Website Rank) as given from the SimilarWeb.com database on May 10, 2021. Click images for more stats.

1) citizenfreepress.com (1504)

Image of stats for citizenfreepress.com, a best news aggregator.

2) knewz.com (4311)

Image of stats for knewz.com, a Drudge Report alternative.

3) revolver.news (5712)

Image of stats for revolver.news, a news aggregator site.

4) populist.press (4642)

Image of stats for populist.press, a Drudge Report Alternative.

5) bonginoreport.com (6621)

Image of stats for bonginoreport.com, a news aggregator.

6) whatfinger.com (5725)

Image of stats for whatfinger.com, a news aggregator.

7) trends.gab.com

Image of stats for trends.gab.com, a news aggregator site hosted by the conservative social media site gab.com

8) thelibertydaily.com (5731)

Image of stats for libertydaily.com, a Drudge Alternative.

17) conservativenewsdaily.net (74373)

Image of stats for conservativenewsdaily.net, a news aggregator for conservatives.

18) kraken-wood.com (132035)

Image of stats for kraken-wood.com, a not politically correct news aggregator.

19) thelibertymill.com (151535)

Image of stats for thelibertymill.com, a news aggregator for conservatives.

20) presscalifornia.com (129288)

Image of stats for presscalifornia.com, a not politically correct news aggregator.

21) newsammo.com (152855)

Image of stats for newsammo.com, a Drudge Alternative.

22) bannonswarroom.com (170363)

Image of stats for bannonswarroom.com, a news aggregator for conservatives.

23) conservativeplaylist.com (175737)

Image of stats for conservativeplaylist.com, a conservative news aggregator.

24) worldviewreport.com (222865)

Image of stats for worldviewreport.com

25) e-militia.com (644614)

Image of stats for e-militia.com

The 41 Drudge Alternatives below are too small to be ranked in the SimilarWeb.com database and are listed A-Z.

We hope you enjoyed this list of all the best news aggregator sites made for all whom recognize — or hopefully soon will — that the so called ‘mainstream media’ is nothing but a collection of politically correct propagandists for the Democrat Party of the United States.

It is sad that the Drudge Report made it’s dark turn to the left, but as you can see, many have stepped forward to fill that void as Drudge Alternatives.

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