A listing of 11 Conservative News Channels that can be found either on cable, satellite, apps, the internet, or some combination thereof. Apps include Roku, AppleTV. Chromecast, Amazon FireTV & more.

Conservative News Channels on TV (Cable, Satellite, or App)


1) NewsMax: newsmaxtv.com/findnewsmaxtv/

Newsmax Media is an organization which publishes news from a neutral to conservative viewpoint. They publish a monthly magazine, maintain a website, and offer a cable television channel, NewsMax TV. They also send out daily emails of breaking news stories of interest that may not be fully covered in the general media. Newsmax was founded to point out liberal bias and improprieties in the media that are forced upon the American people, and they report true news. They also seek to extol men and women who show conservative virtues. They arguably censored criticism of Dominion Voting Systems and their alleged role in 2020 election fraud.[1] ” – Conservapedia (thegatewaypundit.com is recommended for best coverage of 2020 election fraud – Cinternet.org)

2) One America News Network: oann.com/wheretowatch/

One America News Network (OAN or OANN) is an independent cable news channel owned by Herring Networks. Based out of San Diego, California, the network is best known for its news reports which are objective and straightforward and its conservative talk shows The Daily Ledger hosted by Graham Ledger and Tipping Point hosted by Liz Wheeler.” – Conservapedia

3) Blaze TV: blazetv.com/pages/how-to-watch-2/i/how-to-watch

BlazeTV is fighting back against the liberal bias of the mainstream media, and we want you to join us! Watch shows from the biggest Conservative voices including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Phil Robertson, Andrew Wilkow, Allie Stuckey and more! Available on-demand, on all of your favorite devices.” – Blaze TV

4) NTD : ntd.com/tv-providers.html

“The station’s critical reporting on the Chinese Communist Party has prompted censorship by the Chinese government. NTD also alleged that the Chinese government interfered with its reporting and business operations.

NTD began broadcasting via satellite in North America in February 2002. At present, the station’s satellite coverage reaches Asia, Europe, and Australia in several languages.” Wikipedia

5) Americas Voice: Download Real America’s Voice Apps

SELECT TV CH 106 · APPLE TV · FIRE TV – Americas Voice

For ipad and iphone apps.apple.com/us/app/americas-voice

6) The First TV: channelstore.roku.com/details/e579a40cdbb76f5632f594e519531555/the-first-tv (ROKU)

“The First was launched in October 2019 on Pluto TV, a streaming platform owned by ViacomCBS.[1] It was started in partnership with Red Seat Ventures.[2] It offers about 45 hours of original programming a week.[3]

The First launched with two hosts in October 2019, former combat veteran Jesse Kelly[4][5] and former CIA analyst Buck Sexton.[6] In January 2020, the network added California-based talk radio host Mike Slater[7] and conservative female talk radio host Dana Loesch.[8][9] On June 1, 2020, the network announced that Bill O’Reilly was joining the network with his show No Spin News.[10][11]– Wikipedia

7) Pluto TV: Is a channel available on Satellite Provider Dish Network that curates many news channels including NewsMax, One America News Network, Blaze TV, The First, and America’s Voice.

Website Based Conservative News Channel Live Streams (Free)


1) Right Side Broadcasting Network: rsbnetwork.tv – stream live at every Trump rally

2) CBN News: www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/live

3) The First: thefirsttv.com/watch

4) Rebel News (Canada): rebelnews.com/livestreams – M-F at 12 noon ET

Conservative News Channels on a Video Platform (Youtube, Rumble, or Bitchute)


*Number of subscribers below listed as found on July 1, 2021

1) Newsmax TV Rumble 572K Bitchute 1.4K Youtube 1.91M = 2,483,400 subscribers

“Newsmax TV, America’s fastest-growing cable news channel in more than 70 million homes, gives you the latest breaking news…”

2) One America News Network Rumble 821K Bitchute 3.3K Youtube 1.44M = 2,264,300 subscribers

“One America News network is a national TV news network … . An independent, cutting edge platform for political discussions.”

3) Next News Network Rumble 17K Bitchute 58.5K Youtube 2.07M = 2,145,500 subscribers

“Award winning media channel for original commentary on news about Washington DC politics, government corruption, and national headlines.”

4) Sky News (Australia) Youtube 1.78M = 1,780,000 subscribers

“Real news, honest views.”

“Most, if not all of the Hosts on Sky News Australia have a negative view on Climate Change and have frequently called Greta Thunberg an Eco-Terrorist and claim that she is being abused by her parents. Some people (mostly in YouTube comments) claim that Sky News Australia provide more accurate reporting on UK news than the UK media itself.

Sky News Australia can be listened to on their website or you can watch clips from their shows on their YouTube channel. At the start of the Delta variant panic, Youtube suspended Sky News Australia, a vocal Biden junta critic.[2] Conservapedia

5) BlazeTV Rumble 210K Youtube 1.47M = 1,680,000 subscribers

“Blaze Media is one of the nation’s largest independent media companies,”…

6) Right Side Broadcasting Network Rumble 115K Youtube 1.52M = 1,635,000 subscribers

...”we offer original programming from some of the biggest and most upcoming names in the political spectrum.”

“Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) is a national political news broadcasting network founded in 2015. Our primary focus is live coverage of political events.” Facebook.com/rsbnetwork

7) Rebel News (Canada) Rumble 72K Bitchute 37.1K Youtube 1.47M = 1,579,100 subscribers

“We follow the facts wherever they may lead — even if that conflicts with the official narrative of the establishment.”

Rebel News (formerly The Rebel Media until September 2019) is a Canadian conservative media company founded by Ezra Levant shortly after the closure of Sun News Network, the biggest conservative advocate in the Canadian media. Rather than being on television, Rebel News hosts several online shows, which require a paid subscription to view, as well as a YouTube channel with regular conservative news updates.[1] Conservapedia

8) NTD Rumble 51K Youtube 1.33M = 1,381,000 subscribers

“Inspirational stories, encouraging words, entertaining people and honest discussions of issues that matter to you.”

9) CBN News Rumble 802 Youtube 492K = 492,602 subscribers

“CBN News offers today’s news headlines and stories that impact the global Christian community.”

10) Breitbart News Bitchute 20.5K YT 344K = 364,500 subscribers

Breitbart News is a major conservative news source founded by Andrew Breitbart. Presently, it is a conservative media juggernaut providing breaking news stories that the mainstream media would suppress from the general public. Exposing liberal bias in media has proven profitable…” Conservapedia

11) The First Rumble 23K Youtube 115K = 138,000 subscribers


Live Streaming Conservative News Channels via Paid Subscription


1. Next News Network: nextnewsnetwork.com – Viewable on Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV and more.

2. Sky News Australia: foxtel.com.au/watch/sky-news.html

Niche Conservative Websites from Cinternet.org

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