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RINO, NeverTrumper, and establishment Republican websites will not ‘knowingly’ be found anywhere on cinternet.org. If one slipped through, please let us know. Any ‘so-called’ conservative who would vote for a Democrat these days over Trump, or refuse to vote, is not a liberty loving conservative — or a Republican either.

Note: Should DeSantis get into the next Presidential Primary, and ‘if’ he should win it, the same principle will apply here on this site in regards to the selection of websites listed. If you prefer to vote Democrat or not vote for the Republican primary winner, you are not conservative or Republican! Just a two-faced enabler of the Democrat’s foolish policies. Libertarians are the same but without the two-faces. Those right of center who can’t unite as Republicans elect Democrats — PERIOD.

Dennis Prager: Memo to Conservatives: You don’t have to agree on everything — only on fighting the left – bizpacreview.com

Conservatives should direct their energy toward state legislatures to stymie Biden’s radical agenda – thefederalist.com

Why Did Wyoming Kill School Choice? Deep-Red States Often Don’t Act Like It, Data Showsdailywire.com – first aggregated by revolver.news

Trump’s Most Ardent Followers Do Him a Disservice – American Free News Network


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