Red State News is conservative news at the state level in the minds of many. Many others search “red state news” trying to think of a popular news websites URL Yet still others think it to be State News from Red States as determined by how that State voted in the previous election, red being Republican, blue being Democrat. We have all three covered on this page.

An asterisk (*) listed after any URL below designates a site that posts state news sporadically.


Alaska *

Arizona * * * *



californiapoliticalreview * (Ventura County)

Colorado News Aggregator (Colorado Springs)

Connecticut News Aggregator

Delaware *

Florida *



Georgia *

Hawaii *

Idaho *

Illinois * * * * * * * suburban Chicago





Louisiana * *

Maine * *


Michigan * *

Minnesota *

Mississippi, county level is at

Missouri * (St. Josephs)

Montana *


Nevada * (Las Vegas)

New Hampshire * *

New Jersey *

New Mexico * *

New York* News Aggregator (NYC) (NYC) serving Kingston, New York, serving all of Ulster County and parts of Greene and Columbia counties and Northern Dutchess County.

North Carolina *

If your State is not already voting like a Red State, help turn your State Red by supporting ‘one or more’ of the conservative websites of State News in your home State listed above. Support can be as small as giving a visit and doing a little reading with your ad blocker off!

State News From Sites Covering Multiple States

Inland Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

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