Conservative Comedians active on Youtube, Rumble, or Bitchute. Twenty three listed with links, photo/logo, and short description. Each conservative comedian has material available posted regularly to their video channel for your free viewing. All the “best conservative comedy” to be found on the internet. Those looking for ‘political’ comedy have found it here.

1) Steven Crowder Rumble 232K Bitchute 72.07K Youtube 5.49M = 5,794,070 subscribers

Image of logo for Steven Crowder -- conservative youtuber.

“The NUMBER ONE conservative late night comedy show!!”

2) AwakenWithJP comedy/satire Rumble 308 YT 1.84M = 1,840,308 subscribers2

Image of logo for AwakenWithJP.  A conservative comedian with his conservative comedy channel on Youtube.. A conservative youtuber.

“I make videos to help you consider yourself and life in a more thoughtful way. Some of my videos are satirical comedy, others are more straightforward and serious.”

3) Freedom Toons comedy Youtube 654K = 654,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative youtube channel of conservative cartoons about politics.

“I make cartoons bout politics!”

4) Bearing (Australia) comedy/satire Youtube 529K = 529,000 subscribers

“Comedy / satire channel focused on news and current events and stupid people.” (can contain foul language at times)

5) Ryan Long comedy Youtube 409K = 409,000 subscribers

Image of logo for conservative comedian Ryan Long.

“I’m a comedian New Video Every Monday + Standup & Sketches other days to or whatever”

6) The Babylon Bee satire Rumble 122K Youtube 230K = 352,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative satire & comedy channel on Youtube & Rumble.

“The official YouTube channel of The Babylon Bee, your trusted source for Christian news satire.”

7) Jeanne Robertson humor Youtube 338K = 338,000 subscribers

Image of Conservative Comedian & humorist Jeanne Robertson.

“Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Heard daily on SiriusXM.”

8) KvonComedy comedy Rumble 205 YT 307K = 307,205 subscribers

Image of Conservative comedian Kvon, a conservative youtuber & rumbler.

“K-von is by far the most famous Half-Persian comedian in the world. His humor is mainstream, hilarious, and 100% English. Here are many of his TV appearances, standup clips, and sketches- all in one place.”

9) Chad Prather comedy Rumble 7.3K YT 296K = 303,300 subscribers

Image of conservative comedian Chad Prather.  A conservative youtuber & rumbler.

“The OFFICIAL home of The Chad Prather Show.”

10) John Burk comedy Rumble 558 Youtube 292K = 292,558 subscribers

Image of logo for conservative comedian & political commentator John Burk.  A conservative youtuber & rumbler.

“Hey everyone. I’m a constitutionalist political commentator and sketch comedy maker. I don’t take this too serious and neither should you”

11) The United Spot satire/comedy Youtube 202K = 202,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative satire & conservative comedian channel "The United Spot".  A conservative youtube channel.

All videos are satire/parody. All videos are created for comedy.”

12) John Ward comedy Youtube 191K = 191,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative comedian John Ward and his conservative youtube channel by the same name.

demonitized by Youtube

13) Nick Di Paolo comedy Rumble 1.5K YT 160K = 161,500 subscribers

Image of conservative comedian Nick DiPaolo from his conservative youtube & rumble channels of the same name.

“Official Channel of Comedian NICK DIPAOLO”

14) The News Junkie’s Cartoons Rumble 425 Youtube 132K = 132,425 subscribers

Image of logo from the conservative youtube cartoon channel "The News Junkie's Cartoons:.

15) Quite Frankly comedy Rumble 12K Bitchute 18.7K Youtube 90.9K = 121,600 subscribers

Image of Conservative Comedian, Youtuber, Rumbler, & Bitchuter "Quite Frankly".

“Current Events, History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond”

16) AlfonZo Rachel comedy Youtube 74.1K = 74,100 subscribers

Image of logo for Conservative Comedian AlfonZo Rachel.  A conservative youtube channel.

“I Make videos sharing my thoughts on things; Faith, Politics, culture, etc. I hear they’re pretty thought provoking and even pretty funny sometimes!”

17) Common Sense Soapbox comedy Youtube 57.9K = 57,900 subscribers

Image of logo for the Conservative comedy channel "Common Sense Soapbox:.  A Conservative Youtube channel.

“Short animated comedy videos taking on trending issues and important concepts from a classical liberal perspective, featuring Seamus from FreedomToons.”

18) Revenge of the Cis  comedy Bitchute 710 Youtube 40.3K = 41,010 subscribers

Image of logo for Conservative comedian channel "revenge of the CIs".  On both Youtube & Bitchute.

“We do some independent journalism, comedy and attempt to navigate it all with the grace of a drunk cripple.”

19) Me Me Meme comedy Youtube 38.4K = 38,400 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative meme youtube channel "Me Me Memes",

“Animated political comedy”

20) Michael Loftus comedy Youtube 11.8K

Image of conservative comedian Michael Loftus of the conservative youtube channel "The Loftus Party".

“The Official home of The Loftus Party and Comedian Michael Loftus. Political Comedy from a different point of view. (Can you believe it? Yes! It exists!) We put up new videos every Monday and Friday. So if laughing at modern politics and pop culture sound like something you like? SUBSCRIBE!”

21) Steve Mudflap McGrew comedy YT 11.2K

Image of conservative comedian Steve McGrew from his conservative youtube channel "Steve Mudflap McGrew".

“A Dirt Road Guy In A Wi-Fi World ???? International touring Comedian Steve Mudflap McGrew shares his world and comedy with you! Seen on Comedy Central, Fox News, and heard on XM satellite radio!”

22) Adam Yenser comedy Youtube 768

Image of conservative comedian Adam Yenser taken from his conservative youtube channel "Adam Yenser".

“Adam Yenser is a comedian and Emmy Award-winning writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He has appeared on Conan, FOX Laughs and The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

23) Coop’s Channel Comedy Rumble 57

Image of Conservative Comedian "Coops" taken from his conservative Rumble channel called "Coops Channel".

“the channel is a collection of different things I found funny enough to get on video. Lately, that has been in the realm of politics. For a very, very long time – I kept my political opinions to myself, because who wants to be “that guy” at the bar arguing over silly @#@? Well, damnit – I AM THAT GUY.”


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