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# of Subscribers noted on Jan. 1, 2021.

Steven Crowder Bitchute 59.9K YT 5.13M

Jordan B. Peterson (Canada) Rumble 2.7K YT 3.33M

Prager University  Bitchute 10.9K YT 2.85M Bilibili #?

Donald J Trump YT 2.63M

Ben Shapiro YT 2.53M

The Daily Wire YT 2.45M

Conservative Twins YT 1.69M aka HodgeTwins Rumble 572K

Next News Network Rumble 3K Bitchute 39.9K YT 1.99M

Paul Joseph Watson Rumble 3K Bitchute 69.3K YT 1.87M

Newsmax TV Rumble 91K YT 1.74M

Mark Dice Rumble 15K Bitchute 58.9K YT 1.65M

Dan Bongino Rumble 869K YT 751K

One America News Network Rumble 261K YT 1.34M

AwakenWithJP comedy/satire YT 1.58M

China Uncensored YT 1.5M

Rubin Report Bitchute 17.7K YT 1.47M

Rebel News (Canada) Bitchute 25.9K YT 1.42M

The Officer Tatum 1.43M subscribers

Blaze TV Rumble 88K (opened Jan. 6) 1.33M subscribers

Tim Pool Bitchute 72.5K YT 1.23M

NTD Rumble 9K YT 1.15M

Timcast Bitchute 64.4K YT 1.08M

Dinesh D’Souza Rumble 621K YT 483K

Sky News (Australia) 1.09M subscribers

Right Side Broadcasting Network Rumble37K YT 1.06M

Sargon of Akkad 932K subscribers

Academy of Ideas Bitchute 471 YT 909K

Project Veritas  Bitchute 18.5K YT 810K

Steve Turley Rumble 38K Bitchute 32.4K YT 759K

Anthony Brian Logan Bitchute 1.3K (opened Jan. 5) YT 788K

Candace Owens Bitchute 8.8K YT 754K

Huckabee Rumble 90K YT 654K

Liberal Hivemind Rumble 16K YT 715K

Crowder Bits YT 727K

Diamond & Silk Rumble 361K YT 320K

Lauren Southern Bitchute 19K YT 662K

We Are Change Bitchute 13.5K YT 658K

Charlie Kirk Rumble 271K YT 370K

No B.S. YT 617K

Devin Nunes Podcast Rumble 612K

Liberty Hangout Rumble 14K YT 591K

Salty Cracker Bitchute 51.5K YT 553K

Computing Forever (Ireland) Bitchute 86.5K YT 515K

Styxhexenhammer666 Rumble 10K Bitchute 117K YT 476K Brighteon 1.8K

Cross Roads with Joshua Phillip Rumble 9.7K YT 592K

Zeducation 597K subscribers

Black Conservative Patriot Rumble 6.4K YT 554K

Fleccas Talks Rumble 16K YT 544K

Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense Rumble 51 (opened Jan. 10) YT 538K

Bearing Bear (Australia)comedy/satire 528K subscribers

Phil Robertson Rumble 2K YT 525K

Glenn Beck Rumble 94K (opened Jan. 7) YT 522K

Freedom Toons comedy YT 518K

Sydney Watson (Australia) YT 506K

Beau Of The Fifth Column YT 504K

Lisa Haven Bitchute 14.2K YT 471K

Hoover Institution YT 475K

Mark Levin Show Rumble 473K

Golden State Times YT 452K

Judicial Watch YT 449K

The Amazing Lucas 445K subscribers

Lauren Chen YT 444K

Avi Yemini (Australia) Bitchute 11.3K YT 436K

CBN News YT 435K

The Epoch Times YT 431K

The Epoch Times in Spanish Rumble 4.8K

Larry Elder YT 428K

The Victory Channel YT 427K

The Real News Bitchute 109 YT 426K

Some Black Guy 415K subscribers

Don’t Walk, Run! YT 412K

Heavy Duty Country Rumble 260 YT 405K

Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov Rumble 4.2K YT 403K

Akkad Daily Bitchute 34.9K YT 374K

American Thought Leaders Rumble 92K YT 308K

Viva Frei (Canada) Rumble 48K Bitchute 6.8K YT 337K

Bannon’s War Room Rumble 390K

Gunny Torres Banned by Youtube 381K subscribers

Sebastian Gorka Rumble 149K YT 227K

The Liberty Hound 367K subscribers

Sean Hannity Rumble 364K

Young America’s Foundation YT 363K

Breitbart News Bitchute 11.6K YT 342K

Slightly Offensive Rumble 4.3K YT 354K

Voice of N. Korea Defector  YT 352K

On CNN Jan. 17, 2021

Really Graceful YT 349K

The Truth YT 345K

ACLJ Rumble 56K YT 288K

Turning Point USA YT 320K

LifeSiteNews Rumble 10K YT 309K

Jessie Lee Peterson Bitchute 11.85K YT 303K

Just The News Rumble 264K Bitchute 2.2K YT 37.8K

Campus Reform YT 303K

Blue Collar Logic 297K subscribers

Mr. Reagan YT 296K

John Doyle YT 283K

The Rageaholic YT 281K

Ryan Long comedy YT 280K

Jericho Green YT 277K

Bill O’Reilly 276K subscribers

Ron Paul Liberty Report YT 271K

Buddy Brown YT 261K

Townhall Media YT 259K

John Burk comedy YT 258K

Adam Kokesh YT 251K

The Finance Hub Banned by YT Jan. 15, 2021 YT 249K

Jim Jordan Rumble 248K

Bongino Report Rumble 246K

Matt Christiansen Rumble 1.1K YT 222K

PhilosophyInsights YT 221K

Project Veritas Action YT 220K

Foundation for Economic Education YT 219K

Walkaway Campaign 218K subscribers

TheRemnantVideo YT 216K

Liz Wheeler YT 216K

Thomas Sowell YT 214K

An0maly Hip Hop YT 213K

Nigel Farage (UK) YT 212K

Jon Miller (The White House Brief) 208K subscribers

Liberty Doll Bitchute 2K YT 206K

Eye Opener with Michael Lewis Rumble 2.7K YT 203K

TheDC Shorts YT 204K

Doug TenNapel YT 201K

Kevin’s Corner 200K subscribers

Jordon B. Peterson Clips (Canada) YT 200K

The Heritage Foundation YT 199K

American Enterprise Institute YT 193K

Spiro Skouras Bitchute 25.2K YT 165K

Liberty Pen 190K subscribers

Verdict with Ted Cruz YT 187K

Adamcast IRL YT 186K

Bill Whittle Rumble 940 YT 183K

The Hagmann Report Rumble 5.4K YT 177K

The Still Report Rumble 923 YT 176K

Word To The Wise YT 172K

Conservative Resurgence 171K subscribers

Nick Di Paolo comedy 161K subscribers

Success Chasers YT 159K

Ben Swann YT 158K

Matt Walsh 151K subscribers

Terrence K. Williams comedy YT 149K

Dimple (Stories of N.K. defectors) YT 148K

Dan Bongino Show Clips Rumble 146K

KvonComedy comedy YT 138K

Focus On The Family YT 136K

Lasse Burholt 133K subscribers

Senator Ted Cruz YT 133K

Katie Hopkins (UK) YT 131K

Tracy Beanz YT 131K

John Anderson (Australia) YT 130K

The First Rumble 21K YT 106K

Jason Goodman YT 119K

The News Junkie’s Cartoons YT 118K

Patricia Dickson 117K subscribers

Allie Beth Stuckey Rumble 821 YT 116K

Aydin Paladin YT 114K

Michelle Malkin Bitchute 10.4K YT 101K

Unite America First YT 111K

Infowars Bitchute 110.8K

GOP War Room 107K subscribers

Steve Pieczenik YT 107K

Scott Adams Rumble 4.1K Bitchute 7K YT 90.7K (Episode #1213 deleted by YT)

Red Eagle Politics Rumble 1.1K YT 99.2K

No Spin News with Bill O’Reilly Rumble 99K

The Dershow Rumble 99K

Tony Heller 98.9K subscribers

Modern Wisdom YT 98.6K

The Common Sense Conservative Rumble 1.9K YT 92.8K

Oppressed Media 92.4K subscribers

Gateway Pundit Rumble 9.3K YT 88.8K

Julie Borowski 86.8K subscribers

Quite Frankly Rumble 5.3K YT 82.2K

Actual Justice Warrior 88K subscribers

Classical Abbey YT 87.5K

The Western Journal Rumble 3.3K YT 82.2K

The John Birch Society 84K subscribers

Mike Cernovich 80.8K subscribers

The Daily Signal YT 77.7K

Stefan Molyneux Bitchute 77.3K

AlfonZo Rachel comedy 74.9K subscribers

Tree of Logic 74K subscribers

Trump War Room YT 73.9K

Kip Simpson 72.3K subscribers

Amazing Polly Bitchute 70.2K

Joy Villa 65.2K subscribers

Man In America YT 64.5K

MagatruthChannel 62K subscribers

Sara Gonzales Unfiltered 62K subscribers

Devin Nunes Press Rumble 47K YT 12.2K

Washington Free Beacon 57.7K subscribers

The Glazov Gang 57.2K subscribers

Paul Weston (UK) YT 55.8K

shockofgod YT 55.1K

Benny Johnson Rumble 54K

The Free Speech Club (Canada) YT 52.6K

Sanity 4 Sweden (Sweden – speaks English in videos) Bitchute 8.9K YT 41.7K

The Red Elephants Bitchute 49.9K

Joey Saladino Show Rumble 45K

PRconservative Rumble 45K YT 362

Freedom Watch (Larry Klayman) 43.6K subscribers

Oath Keepers YT 42.9K

Corey’s Digs YT 39.9K

Stu Does America YT 39.9K

BPR Rumble 39K

UKIP (UK) YT 38.7K

Me Me Meme comedy YT 38.7K

Revenge of the Cis  comedy YT 37.7K

Veritas Visuals Bitchute 37.1K

Conservative Tribune Rumble 5.4K YT 29.5K

Sovereign Nations 34.2K subscribers

Discourse TV 32.8K subscribers

AMWaters Media (UK) YT 31.9K

Paul Nielsen (UK) Bitchute 331 YT 31K

Tony Katz Rumble 30K

The Wrath of Laughing At Liberals 29.6K subscribers

JihadWatch Video 29K subscribers

Dustin Nemos Bitchute 28.4K

Bode Lang Bitchute 55 YT 27.5K

Tommy Robinson (UK) Bitchute 27.2K

Centre for Independent Studies (Australia) YT 26.6K

Dana Loesch YT 26.1K

Conservative Business Journal Rumble 26K

Timcast IRL Bitchute 24.8K

Steve Deace Show 24.5K subscribers

Alliance Defending Freedom YT 23.1K

TPPatriots 22.2K subscribers

Conservative Storage Rumble 22K

Allen B. West YT 20.3K

Political Avenger Raw Bitchute 132 YT 19.8k

The Scoop 17K subscribers

Pat Gray Unleashed YT 17.2K

Manhattan Institute YT 16.5K

Doug Wead YT 15.3K

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education YT 15.2K

Joe Pags YT 15.2K

Rob Carson Rumble 15K

Coop’s Channel Comedy YT 14.9K

Sarah Corriher Rumble 93 YT 14.8K

CaniPaul1 YT 14.3K

NorthAmericanNews1 Rumble 14K

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters (UK) Bitchute 14K

FreedomWorks 13.9K subscribers

OriginalIntentDoc 13.8K subscribers

Common Sense Politics (UK) 13.2K subscribers

Trending Politics YT 12.9K

The Federalist YT 12.5K

Paul Rimmer (UK) 12.3K subscribers

Christians With Ambition YT 12.3K

War Room Bitchute 12.3K

The National Pulse YT 11.9K

Michael Loftus comedy YT 11.1K

Steve Mudflap McGrew comedy YT 10.5K

Star Parker 9.95K subscribers

The Institute of World Politics YT 9.95K

WorldNetDaily YT 9.92K

Election Night Facts Rumble 9.4K

Conservative News YT 9.17K

Free Speech Warrior Bitchute 9K

Legal Insurrection YT 8.83K

NOQ Report Rumble 7.6K YT 1.33K

Nicholas Ballasy YT 8.58K

The Washington Times YT 8.47K

Conservative Momma YouTube 8.06K

The Conservative Latino Rumble 7.1K

Banned Youtube Videos Bitchute 7K

Home School Legal Defense Association YT 6.18K

MAGA TV Rumble 6.1K

Thinking Out Loud 5.94K subscribers

Leadership Institute YT 5.65K

National File YT 5.6K

Pacific Legal Foundation YT 5.16K

truthhunter789 (UK) Bitchute 5.1K

The Right View with Lara Trump Rumble 4.7K

National Center For Public Policy Research 4.6K subscribers

Conservative News Network Rumble 3.9K

China Insider Rumble 3.1K

Heritage Action For America YT 3.03K

New Right Network YT 2.9K

Black Conservatives of America YT 2.86K

Pacific Justice Institute YT 2.86K

Corey Buckner Banned By Youtube 2.6K subscribers

100% Fed Up YT 2.55K

Australian Conservative (Australia) Bitchute 2.5K

Red Pill Portal Bitchute 2.1K

Liberty Council YT 1.97K

First Liberty Institute YT 1.95K

Liberty Nation Rumble 1.8K

Freedom Matters Bitchute 1.5K

News Clips Brighteon 1.5K

Goldwater Institute 1.04K subscribers

Let Freedom Ring YT 604

Adam Yenser comedy YT 471

The Truth Gazette YT 449

2020 Election Investigation Clips YT 202

Christian Legal Fellowship (Canada) 153 subscribers

Catholic Drive Time Rumble 91

New Conservative Party (New Zealand)

The Bests (of Jordan B. Peterson) (Canada) comedy

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