Drudge Report, aka DrudgeReport.com, was once an iconic news aggregator loved by conservatives. It lost that love in 2020 and 2021 with it’s turn to the political left.

Stepping up to fill the void from the loss of the Drudge Report are more than a few Drudge Report Alternatives, 80 news aggregators total that lean conservative. The top 26 are ranked using data from the similarweb.com database as seen on September 16, 2021. The remaining 54 Drudge Alternatives are listed in alphabetical order for reason being there is lack of enough data for similarweb.com to rank them.

Readers who wish to see more stats can click on the ranking of any alternative to the Drudge Report listed below to see them. Upon arriving at similarweb.com’s data page for said alternative, just scroll down to see more stats. Beyond October 6, 2021, those stats will be different from the stats you find below.

Top 26 Alternatives to the Drudge Report as Ranked by SimilarWeb.com


1) citizenfreepress.com (US Rank 794)

Total Monthly Visits in August 10.62M

Avg. Visit Duration 19m22s

2) populist.press (US Rank 2882) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 5.10M

Avg. Visit Duration 7m10

3) revolver.news (US Rank 4934)

TMV in August 5.03M

Avg. Visit Duration 3m57s

4) thelibertydaily.com (US Rank 4948) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 3.08M

Avg. Visit Duration 18m42s

5) whatfinger.com (US Rank 5471)

TMV in August 2.93M

Avg. Visit Duration 6m17s

6) bonginoreport.com (US Rank 6231)

TMV in August 3.2M

Avg. Visit Duration 1m56s

7) trends.gab.com

TMV in August 2.63M

Avg. Visit Duration 1m11s

8) protrumpnews.com (US Rank 9296) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 1.73M

Avg. Visit Duration 38m27s

9) lucianne.com (US Rank 10689)

TMV in August 1.58

Avg. Visit Duration 4m46s

10) tatumreport.com (US Rank 12432)

TMV in August 1.33M

Avg. Visit Duration 2m24s

11) rantingly.com (US Rank 19247) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 918.42K

Avg. Visit Duration 3m10s

12) newswars.com (US Rank 28663) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 677.09K

Avg. Visit Duration 1m46s

13) news.infogalactic.com (US Rank 44226)

TMV in August 367.10K

Avg. Visit Duration 4m44s

14) 1stheadlines.com/conservative.htm (US Rank 64600)

TMV in August 298.20K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m19s

15) noahreport.com (US Rank 64906) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

TMV in August 111.18K

Avg. Visit Duration 1hr5m49s

16) knewz.com (US Rank 71125)

TMV in August 188.17K

Avg. Visit Duration 1m6s

17) badblue.bitnamiapp.com/trendr8.htm

TMV in August 106.11K

Avg. Visit Duration 20m53s

18) newsammo.com (US Rank 81108)

TMV in August 84.32K

Avg. Visit Duration 5m16s

19) conservagator.com (US Rank 83764)

TMV in August 119.13K

Avg. Visit Duration 7m57s

20) conservativeplaylist.com (US Rank 116821)

TMV in August 95.76K

Avg. Visit Duration 1m22s

21) uncanceled.news (US Rank 131509)

TMV in August 95.8K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m21s

22) conservativenewsdaily.net (US Rank 161699)

TMV in August 72.5K

Avg. Visit Duration 44s

23) thelibertymill.com (US Rank 174731)

TMV in August 87.56K

Avg. Visit Duration 4m1s

24) libertyunyielding.com/category/web-crawler/ (US Rank 185440)

TMV in August 51.6K

Avg. Visit Duration 1m7s

25) populistrevolt.com (US Rank 245847)

TMV in August 51.6K

Avg. Visit Duration 3m36s

26) nationandstate.com (US Rank 295266)

TMV in August 52.3K

Avg. Visit Duration 27s

Top 26 Alternatives to Drudge Report Ranked by Avg. Visit Duration


1) noahreport.com Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 1hr5m49s

2) protrumpnews.com (9296) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 38m27s

3) badblue.bitnamiapp.com/trendr8.htm

Avg. Visit Duration 20m53s

4) citizenfreepress.com (794)

Avg. Visit Duration 19m22s

5) thelibertydaily.com (4948) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 18m42s

6) conservagator.com (US Rank 83764)

Avg. Visit Duration 7m57s

7) populist.press (2882) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 7m10

8) whatfinger.com (5471)

Avg. Visit Duration 6m17s

9) newsammo.com (81108)

Avg. Visit Duration 5m16s

10) lucianne.com (10689)

Avg. Visit Duration 4m46s

11) news.infogalactic.com (US Rank 44226)

Avg. Visit Duration 4m44s

12) thelibertymill.com (174731)

Avg. Visit Duration 4m1s

13) revolver.news (4934)

Avg. Visit Duration 3m57s

14) populistrevolt.com (US Rank 245847)

Avg. Visit Duration 3m36s

15) rantingly.com (19247) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 3m10s

16 tatumreport.com (12432)

Avg. Visit Duration 2m24s

17) uncanceled.news (US Rank 131509)

Avg. Visit Duration 2m21s

18) 1stheadlines.com/conservative.htm (64600)

Avg. Visit Duration 2m19s

19) bonginoreport.com (6231)

Avg. Visit Duration 1m56s

20) newswars.com (28663) Website design similar to Drudge Report.

Avg. Visit Duration 1m46s

21) conservativeplaylist.com (116821)

Avg. Visit Duration 1m22s

22) trends.gab.com

Avg. Visit Duration 1m11s

23) libertyunyielding.com/category/web-crawler/ (US Rank 185440)

Avg. Visit Duration 1m7s

24) knewz.com (71125)

Avg. Visit Duration 1m6s

25) conservativenewsdaily.net (161699)

Avg. Visit Duration 44s

26) nationandstate.com (US Rank 295266)

Avg. Visit Duration 27s

54 Conservative Alternatives to the Drudge Report Listed A-Z


(SimilarWeb.com lacks enough data to rank any of the sites below)









conservatives.today Website design similar to Drudge Report.

dissentwatch.com Website design similar to Drudge Report.








justtherealnews.com Your place for unfiltered Government documents, releases, and statements






offthepress.com (started up late July 2021 by a former Drudge Report Editor)






realnewsfeed.com Website design similar to Drudge Report.

redoubtreport.com Website design similar to Drudge Report.

resist.se/newsdb.php subscription based























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