A ranked listing of 66 news aggregator and Drudge alternative sites with stats. These news aggregators and Drudge Alternatives are ranked using data from SimilarWeb.com on June 8, 2021. Each Drudge Alternative listed is linked to similarweb.com to give more stats to those who want them. Said links are found clicking on images or the 1-23 ranking given. The less well known News Aggregators — which would fit into the 24-66 rank — are listed A-Z for lack of enough data.

Cinternet.org (aka ConservativeInternet.org) has chosen News Aggregator sites that are correct, not politically correct for this list.

*Please note — the number in parentheses (_) immediately after website URLs listed below is SimilarWeb’s ranking of it as a U.S. Website.

1) citizenfreepress.com (1223)

Total Monthly Visits in May 7.35M

Avg. Visit Duration 19m31s (#5)

Pages per Visit 10.58 (#1)

Bounce Rate 37.67% (#1)


2) populist.press (3433)

Total Monthly Visits in May 4.79M

Avg. Visit Duration 7m17s (#6)

Pages per Visit 4.09 (#4)

Bounce Rate 46.13% (#3)


3) knewz.com (4141)

An image of stats for knewz.com, a news aggregator.

4) revolver.news (6324)

An image of stats for revolver.news, a Drudge Alternative.

5) whatfinger.com (5214)

An image of stats for whatfinger.com, a Drudge Report Alternative.

6) bonginoreport.com (6498)

An image of stats for bonginoreport.com, a news aggregator site.

7) thelibertydaily.com (5452)

Total Monthly Visits in May 2.52M

Avg. Visit Duration 21m1s (#4)

Pages per Visit 3.73 (#5)

Bounce Rate 56.35% (#6)


8) trends.gab.com

An image of stats for trends.gab.com, a conservative news aggregator.

9) lucianne.com (9417)

An image of stats for Lucianne.com, a Drudge Alternative.

10) protrumpnews.com (11718)

Monthly Total Visits in May 1.2M

Avg. Visit Duration 51m11s (#2)

Pages per Visit 5.85 (#3)

Bounce Rate 43.23% (#2)


11) rantingly.com (20301)

An image of stats for rantingly.com, a news aggregator.

12) newswars.com (34280)

An image of stats for newswars.com, a news aggregator website.

13) 1stheadlines.com/conservative.htm (53582)

An image of stats for 1stheadlines.com, a news aggregator site.

14) thelibertymill.com (78280)

An image of stats for thelibertymill.com, a Drudge Alternative.

15) badblue.bitnamiapp.com/trendr8.htm

Total Monthly Visits in May 142K

Avg. Visit Duration 27m40s (#3)

Pages per Visit 3.43 (#7)

Bounce Rate 60.72%


16) noahreport.com (53094)

Total Monthly Visits in May 128K

Avg. Visit Duration 1hr39m13s (#1)

Pages per Visit 6.39 (#2)

Bounce Rate 48.78% (#4)


17) conservativenewsdaily.net (86337)

An image of stats for conservativenewsdaily.net, a Drudge Report Conservative News Site

18) presscalifornia.com (145017)

An image of stats for presscalifornia.com, a conservative news aggregator.

19) kraken-wood.com (170870)

An image of stats for kraken-wood.com, a conservative news aggregator.

20) newsammo.com (185841)

An image of stats for newsammo.com, a news aggregator.

21) conservativeplaylist.com (93969)

Total Monthly Visits in May 75K

Avg. Visit Duration 5m45s (#7)

Pages per Visit 3.21 (#8)

Bounce Rate 43.31% (#3)


22) bannonswarroom.com (188912)

An image of stats for bannonswarroom.com, a news aggregator website.

23) worldviewreport.com (302887)

An image of stats for worldviewreport.com, a Drudge Report Conservative News Site.

The 43 News Aggregators and Drudge Alternative Sites below are too small to be ranked in the SimilarWeb.com database and are listed A-Z.

With the Drudge Report having made it’s dark turn to the left, many a news aggregator and Drudge Alternative have stepped forward to fill that void.

Should you know of a Drudge Report Alternative needing to be listed (and we wish to list all) please contact us with that info, it will be greatly appreciated.

Conservative news consumers who once loved the Drudge Report now search for “Drudge Report Conservative News Sites”, “conservative news aggregator”, “Drudge Report Alternative”, “list of news aggregators”, “news aggregator”, etc., hoping to find a good substitute. We look to provide a good solid list of conservative news aggregators without all the RINO sites. This sets us apart from other lists you find on the internet. Google appears to have shadow banned us — possibly for that same reason. Lists found on Google are full of RINO sites. Our being shadowbanned can’t be because of QAnon sites, because none of them are listed on our lists either — and rightfully so.

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