Each entry of conservative social media is ranked by visits in the Month of June 2021, as determined by the similarweb.com database on July 7, 2021. Seven of the top nine conservative social media platforms additionally have short informative quotes listed, along with embedded informative videos and links to informative articles, most of which describe how to use the platform.

Please note that our definition of conservative social media platforms includes all social media platforms that are NOT actively censoring conservatives. Put another way, it is social media friendly to the conservative way of seeing things. It is for people of all political stripes who refuse to be censored as far left radicals, fascists, communists, socialists, nazis, and Democrat tyrants would do.

1) telegram.org

Total Visits in June 126.55M

Avg. Visit Duration 6m39s

Conservatives on Telegram list is provided by conservativesontelegram.com

Telegram is pro-free speech, pro-privacy social media platform that does not engage in the liberal censorship imposed by Facebook, Twitter and other big tech sites.” – Conservapedia

Telegram is a free and open source, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) software. This service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling,[14] VoIP, file sharing and several other features. – Wikipedia

Telegram: What it is and how to use it – Tom’s Guide

Telegram Tips, Tricks, & Hacks you should try (video 11m25s)

2) gab.com

Total Visits in June 17.67M

Avg. Visit Duration 7m36s

“Gab is an alternative social networking service to Twitter” – conservapedia

a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. all are welcome.”

Video 11m30s

Gab top 10 tips (video 21m31s)

3) mewe.com

Total Visits in June 10.38M

Avg. Visit Duration 7m48s

“The site’s interface has been described as similar to that of Facebook, although the service describes itself as the “anti-Facebook” due to its focus on data privacy.” – Wikipedia

Video 6m20s

MeWe walk through on mobile (video 10m17s)

4) parler.com

Total Visits in June 2.27M

Avg. Visit Duration 3m17s

“Parler is an American social networking service and alternative to Twitter.” – Conservapedia

Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being “deplatformed” for your views. Engage with real people, not bots. Parler is people and privacy-focused, and gives you the tools you need to curate your Parler experience.” – Parler

Video 3m34s

Parler walk through for mobile (video 7m)

5) minds.com

Total Visits in June 1.53M

Avg. Visit Duration 5m31s

“Minds is an alt-tech blockchain-based social network. Users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using Minds, and tokens can be used to boost their posts or crowdfund other users.” – Wikipedia

“Take back control of your social media Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving traffic and referring friends. A place to have open conversations and bring people together.” – Minds

Video 12m41s

6) thinkspot.com

Total Visits in June 638.39K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m33s

“Thinkspot is an online social networking service started by Jordan Peterson following the banning of several content producers from the membership platform Patreon.” – Wikipedia

“Thinkspot functions through a subscription-based model so that people who are posting on the website can monetise their content (much like Youtubers, Instagram influencers and OnlyFans users). There also is a minimum word length for comments (50 words), so that people can’t post insults that easily, and actually have to give some thought to the things that they write” screenshot-media

7) safechat.com

Total Visits in June 403.82K

Avg. Visit Duration 6m20s

“SafeChat — Secure Chat & Share. SafeChat is a secure & safe social platform run to a high moral standard—we put people first. – We have end-to-end encrypted conversations to protect you. – One to one video and audio call with end-to-end encryption. – Password protection available for every group conversation.”

“It’s almost as if you were to think about combining Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and a little bit of Youtube.” – Man in America – Youtuber (see below)

8) clouthub.com

Total Visits in June 530.13K

Avg. Visit Duration 4m21s

“CloutHub is a Next-Generation Social Network For Social, Civic and Political Networking”

9) USA.life

Total Visits in June 183.06K

Avg. Visit Duration 6m38s

USA.Life is the Christian Facebook alternative and the conservative Facebook alternative. www.USA.Life gives you freedom, privacy and real news.” – USA.life

10) pocketnet.app

Total Visits in June 167.83K

Avg. Visit Duration 6m52s

“a revolutionary anti-censorship decentralized publishing and social platform. based on the blockchain technology, it runs on a set of computers around the world, not controlled by any single entity. self-policed by users with good reputation where nobody records your keystrokes, viewing habits or searches.”

11) wt.social

Total visits in June 152.98K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m1s

“WT Social (formerly WikiTribune) is a privacy-focused and ad-free social network that places a special emphasis on evidence-based journalism. The platform survives on the generosity of individual donors to ensure privacy is protected and social space is ad-free.”

12) wego.social

Total Visits in June 151.41K

Avg. Visit Duration 21m2s

“WeGo’s mission is to rescue social media from the evil bad guys by building a dope blockchain, community moderated, social network to save the world.”

12) brighteon.social

Total Visits in June 128.85K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m24s

“The Pro-Liberty Social Network”

13) diasporafoundation.org

Total Visits in June 121.8K

Avg. Visit Duration 29s

“The online social world where you are in control”

14) magabook.com

Total Visits in June 101.60K

Avg. Visit Duration 4m41s

How To Videos About Magabook — From the Magabook Youtube Channel

15) flote.app

Total Visits in June 96.41K

Avg. Visit Duration 2m30s

“Flote is a social network without big tech censorship and vague community guidelines. On Flote people can express themselves freely, build communities, and earn digital money by providing valuable content.”

16) spreely.com

Total Visits in June 79.17K

Avg. Visit Duration 3m44s

“The Social Network For Free People”

17) freetalk.app

Total Visits in June 77.89K

Avg. Visit Duration 6m

“No shadow banning or censorship—just freedom of expression, pure and simple.”

18) codias.com

Total Visits in June 67.94K

Avg. Visit Duration 3m30s

— The Conservative Social Network

“Find, connect, and communicate with conservatives nationwide.”

19) wimkin.com

Total Visits in June 57.9K

Avg. Visit Duration 3m55s

“100% uncensored social media. no fact checking social media. free speech is here.”

20) chatdit.com

Total Visits in June <50K

Avg. Visit Duration 23s

21) TrumpbookUSA.com

(not affiliated with Donald J. Trump)

Total Visits in June <50K

Avg. Visit Duration 4m17s

22) plurk.com (Taiwan)

Total Visits in June 10.85M

Avg. Visit Duration 9m28s

“Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates through short messages or links, which can be up to 360 text characters in length. Updates are then shown on the user’s home page using a timeline, which lists all the updates received in chronological order, and delivered to other users who have chosen to receive them”

The following 31 conservative social media sites are not ranked in the SimilarWeb.com database for a visitor count and are listed A-Z.

1776hq.com The only TRUE Free Speech Social Media Site!

74millionred.com 74 Million Red is a site of like minded people who are committed to preserving their 1st Ammendment Rights to free speech and the unregulated expression of ideas from the censorship of Big Tech

coldcast.org A Facebook Alternative Your Free Speech Social Platform

connectzing.com Censor Free Social Media for Every Voice


creation.social A social network that champions freedom of speech for content creators and their fans.

cygo.network CYGO Network is an unregistered non-profit organization which aims to provide privacy-oriented online services, namely its free speech social network; Bleu by CYGO

efimero.me No profiles or users, just honest conversation. Content is viewable for 4 hours after it’s created, if you missed it, it’s gone.


Launched April 19, 2021 by Mike Lindell of Mypillow.com fame.

gettr.com New GETTR is a brand new social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and “cancel culture.

hifiven.com The Free Speech Social Media Where Freedom Still Stands Strong 


a facebook alternative

nebu2.com The social media platform which lets you decide. (Free speech and no political censorship)

oneway.com ONEWAY is a community of fundamentalist Christians.

orbys.net Orbys is a 100% free American alternative social networking service to Facebook. Orbys does not engage in censorship of its members other than what is not permitted by law, and is open to all who are seeking a freedom of speech platform. No algorithms rearranging your posts and limiting who sees what. No data mining.


patriotnet.com a social media community that believes in the right to free expression without violence, as established in the first Amendment of the United States Constitution.

phoenixsocialnetwork.org user can livestream, video call and much, much more without the fear of being censored!

proamericaonly.org Social Media That Puts America First! No Censorship | No Shadow Bans | No BS | NO LIBERALS

rightonly.net We review every member to keep out trolls, dems, and foreign propaganda.

silority.comThe Silent Majority

solikick.com Social networking should be about building relationships and a place to feel comfortable sharing and interacting with your own



toko.tech Share what’s new and life moments with your friends.


It’s like a 24/7 Virtual Trump Rally; Social Media for Conservatives. The Most Pro-Trump website in the Universe. Conservative News and commentary can be found on TrumpChat.”

vomvos.com Be Free Be Yourself

wegatta.com a new and improved social networking community that is tailored to YOU! Unlike other sites, we won’t force you to watch ads

yacknow.com Welcome to the most patriotic place on the internet. Here we love God, Country, and our Constitution. If you are a Patriot come join us, come join us and remember, no cussing, dang it.

vomvos.com Be free, be yourself

yorespot.com Lets make socializing less aggressive and divided

Additional Conservative Niche Pages From Cinternet.org that may interest you:

The latest social media platform from the Trump team, Gettr, went from an intended safe space for conservative beliefs to a hellscape of imposter accounts, offensive memes and pornography within hours of its launch. This illustrates what nascent, conservative-friendly platforms have done wrong: in claiming to be bastions of unfettered free speech, they are fighting current market leaders with one arm tied behind their backs.” – Orange County Register


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