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101) John Doyle Youtube 325K = 325,000 subscribers

“Commentary and interviews on news, culture, and politics from your favorite conservative pal.”

102) Chad Prather comedy Rumble 11K YT 307K = 318,000 subscribers

Image of conservative comedian Chad Prather.  A conservative youtuber & rumbler.

“The OFFICIAL home of The Chad Prather Show.”

103) Jericho Green Youtube 313K = 313,000 subscribers

Image of logo for black conservative youtuber Jericho Green.

“I love my family, I love my country, and no one can say it like me. I’m just saying what we’re all thinking.”

104) John Burk comedy Rumble 1.4K Youtube 298K = 299,400 subscribers

Image of logo for conservative comedian & political commentator John Burk.  A conservative youtuber & rumbler.

“Hey everyone. I’m a constitutionalist political commentator and sketch comedy maker. I don’t take this too serious and neither should you”

105) Matt Christiansen Rumble 35K Youtube 243K aka mlchristiansen Bitchute 18.2K = 296,200 subscribers

“I thought you were bigger for some reason.” – Anonymous review of my channel

106) Black Conservative Perspective Youtube 286K = 286,000 subscribers

Image of black conservative youtuber "Black Conservative Perspective" from his conservative youtube channel of the same name.

107) talkRADIO (UK) Youtube 280K = 280,000 subscribers

“The home of free speech, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham, Ian Collins, Mark Dolan, James Whale and more. Tel: 0344 499 1000.”

108) Jim Jordan Rumble 279K = 279,000 subscribers

109) Nigel Farage (UK) Youtube 277K = 277,000 subscribers

“Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst.”

110) Townhall Media Youtube 271K = 271,000 subscribers

“The official YouTube channel of the Townhall Media family, home to conservative political commentary and analysis from your favorite personalities from Townhall.com, HotAir, Bearing Arms, Twitchy, RedState, and PJ Media.”

111) An0maly Hip Hop Bitchute 15.1K YT 255K = 270,100 subscribers

“Good energy. Truth-seeker. Change yourself to change the world! Hip-hop Artist. News Analyst. Human being. Stay blessed.”

###) TheRemnantVideo Rumble 6.49K YT 262K = 268,490 subscribers Added April 4, 2023

112) Foundation for Economic Education YT 264K = 264,000 subscribers

“FEE focuses on introducing freedom as a life philosophy to newcomers in the youth audience, striving to bring about a world in which the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society are familiar and credible to the rising generation.”

113) Lasse Burholt Youtube 263K = 263,000 subscribers

“Dedicated to bring forward and facilitate the REAL narrative: Not the watered down manipulated MSM narrative.”

114) PhilosophyInsights Youtube 262K = 262,000 subscribers

“By skimming through hours of content for every video, I provide the best selection in order to add educational value. The focus is on central ideas of classical liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism and criticism of overreaching feminism, social justice, post-modernism, socialism and Marxism.”

115) Liz Wheeler Rumble 12K Youtube 250K = 262,000 subscribers

Political commentator and author of “Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards.”

116) The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters (UK) Rumble 3.4K Bitchute 23.2K Youtube 231K = 257,600 subscribers

117) Dimple (Stories of N.K. defectors) YT 254K = 254,000 subscribers

“Awesome stories from North korean & Asian girls!!”

118) David Harris Jr. Rumble 91K Youtube 162K Terminated by YouTube = 253,000 subscribers (credited 162K subscribers)

Image of conservative youtuber & rumbler David Harris Jr.

119) Chris Williamson (UK) Youtube 252K = 252,000 subscribers

“Host of the Modern Wisdom Podcast & a Company Director from the UK. I’ve spent the last 5 years learning how to live a meaningful, productive, happy life by talking to some of the smartest humans on the planet.”

120) NRA Youtube 251K = 251,000 subscribers

121) Lionel Nation Bitchute 11.2 Youtube 235K = 246,200 subscribers

“one focus, scilicet unabashed unvarnished naked truth. Join us. Mother America is under attack ideologically and spiritually by an enemy determined to destroy Her foundation and essential principles. This is an existential fight and as such requires the commitment of a new centurion, a heteroclite truth warrior committed to protecting our constitutional republic.”

122) Focus On The Family Youtube 243K = 243,000 subscribers

“We’re here to come alongside families with relevance and grace at each stage of their journey.”

123) Project Veritas Action Youtube 240K = 240,000 subscribers

“founded by James O’Keefe to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct.”

124) The United Spot satire/comedy Youtube 239K = 239,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative satire & conservative comedian channel "The United Spot".  A conservative youtube channel.

All videos are satire/parody. All videos are created for comedy.”

125) Eye Opener with Michael Lewis Rumble 6.9K Youtube 222K = 228,900 subscribers

Image of  Black conservative Michael Lewis from his conservative rumble channel & youtube.

“I created this Channel with a few friends because we felt like truth was dying. We noticed that there has been a fundamental shift of how information was being packaged and served to people. But what was most scary was… there is an agenda.”

126) Liberty Doll Bitchute 2.7K YT 224K = 226,700 subscribers

“Liberty-minded news, discussion, and witticisms with a little punk rock and vintage pin-up flair! ;)”

127) The Heritage Foundation Youtube 222K = 222,000 subscribers

“Our mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”

128) Infowars – Banned Video Rumble 70K Bitchute 150.3K = 220,300 subscribers

129) Spiro Skouras Bitchute 30.4K Terminated YT 188K = 218,400 subscribers (credited 188,000)

Image of Spiro Skouras from his conservative Bitchute channel.

“Independent Journalist. Contributor at ActivistPost.com”

130) Verdict with Ted Cruz Youtube 213K = 213,000 subscribers

“Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you.”

131) Walkaway Campaign Youtube 211K = 211,000 subscribers

“This channel uploads a selection of the Facebook #WalkAway Campaign Testimonials.”

132) The Right View with Lara Trump Rumble 199K Youtube 9.66K = 208,660 subscribers

“Join Lara Trump and guests of the Right View as they discuss the latest happening in America.”

133) Gateway Pundit Rumble 108K Youtube 98.5K = 206,500 subscribers

134) The News Junkies Archives YT 206K = 206,000 subscribers

“Stay tuned for more..”

135) Word To The Wise Advice Youtube 206K = 206,000 subscribers

“My goal is to produce motivational videos that inspire viewers and create a positive impact. I try to upload weekly, so feel free to subscribe for future content.”

136) American Enterprise Institute Youtube 204K = 204,000 subscribers

“AEI is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of a free society—limited government, competitive private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and vigilant defense—through rigorous inquiry, debate, writing, and video.”

137) The Hagmann Report Rumble 22K Bitchute 8K YT 174K terminated by Youtube = 204,000 subscribers (credited 174K subscribers)

“The Hagmann Report is a News outlet that reports on News and Current Events from an investigative point of view.”

138) Katie Hopkins (UK) Rumble 4K YT 196K = 200,000 subscribers

“Telling it like it is. Uncensored.”

139 John Ward comedy, demonetized Youtube 188K (last posted in June 2021) Bitchute 6.9K Rumble 358 = 195,258 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative comedian John Ward and his conservative youtube channel by the same name.

demonitized by Youtube

140) Liberty Pen Youtube 194K = 194,000 subscribers

“LibertyPen is an Objectivist channel advocating reason, liberty, justice, laissez-faire.”

141) Bill Whittle Rumble 6.3K Youtube 190K = 193,600 subscribers

“Bill Whittle’s core message of common sense and decency has earned him a devoted following among those who value reasoned thought, civil dialogue and vigorous laughter. His powers of vivid storytelling, relentless logic, and self-deprecating humor join forces to apply time-tested principles to breaking news in memorable ways.”

142) Michael Jr. comedy Youtube 193K = 193,000 subscribers

Image of conservative comedian Michael Jr. from his conservative youtube channel of the same name.

“Michael Jr. brings the funny through stand up comedy, skits, short film, man on the street and a variety of other ways, all-the-while making sure it’s good for the whole family. You will most certainly laugh, however you may also find that you are also inspired.”

143) Global News (India) Youtube 193K = 193,000 subscribers

“Get unprecedented access to some of the most powerful stories that the media refuses to show you.”

144) Kevin’s Corner Youtube 192K = 192,000 subscribers

Image of Kevin from the conservative youtube channel "Kevin's Corner".

“Kevin’s Corner where we will attempt to make sense out of non-sense within politics and social issues.” – tobtr.com/s/10976635

145) The Crigler Show Youtube 192K adamcrigler.net/videos = 192,000 subscribers

“YouTube Personality, Producer, Musician, Skater, Model. Adam was a part of the YouTube show TimCastIRL between January and August 2020. After his political awakening, Adam started his own channel to discuss news stories and interact with the crowd.”

146) The Federalist Rumble 173K YT 15.9K = 188,900 subscribers

“The Federalist is a conservatarian web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion. Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray.”

147) Allie Beth Stuckey Rumble 6.5K YT 182K = 188,500 subscribers

Allie Beth Stuckey is an author, speaker, commentator and the host of the BlazeTV podcast, Relatable, where she analyzes culture, news, theology and politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. She also often satirizes politicians, the media and trends in popular culture.”

148) The Still Report Rumble 6.1K Bitchute 5K Youtube 176K terminated by Youtube = 187,100 subscribers (credited 176K subscribers)

“The latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and the United States political climate. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. … He has written/produced 22 books, and 2 documentaries.”

149) Operation Freedom Rumble 17K Youtube 169K = 186,000 subscribers

“The show presents and dissects information The LAME Stream Media will not touch! Topics presented include: Geo-politics, Finance, Economics, Health Care Policy, Climate Change,Geo-Engineering, and Current Events. The show takes on The Right – Left Faux Axis and EXPOSES those entities stripping Freedom and Liberty from EVERY American and EVERY person worldwide.”

150) Dan Bongino Show Clips Rumble 180K = 180,000 subscribers

151) Actual Justice Warrior Bitchute 2K YT 169K = 171,000 subscribers

“I’m just a random guy talking about news, youtube stuff, SJW’s and trying to have a little fun while doing it.”

152) Conservative Resurgence Rumble 528 Bitchute 2.1K Youtube 166K terminated by Youtube = 168,628 subscribers (credited 166,000 subscribers)

“Social conservatism is the belief that society is built upon a fragile network of relationships which need to be upheld through duty, traditional values and established institutions.”

###) James Klug Rumble 593, Youtube 167K (added Aug. 17, 2022) = 167.593 subscribers

153) Nick Di Paolo comedy Rumble 2.8K YT 161K = 163,800 subscribers

Image of conservative comedian Nick DiPaolo from his conservative youtube & rumble channels of the same name.

“Official Channel of Comedian NICK DIPAOLO”

###) Ben Swann Youtube 163K terminated by Youtube = 163,000 subscribers

“It’s not about Left vs. Right… It’s about Liberty vs. Tyranny”-Ben Swann

154) Senator Ted Cruz Youtube 158K = 158,000 subscribers

“Official Youtube Channel of United States Senator Ted Cruz.”

155) Graham Allen Rumble 55K Youtube 103K = 158,000 subscribers

“Home of Graham Allen’s Dear America Podcast!”

156) John Anderson (Australia) YT 154K = 154,000 subscribers

“John Anderson served as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia for 6 years between 1999 and 2005 under John Howard.”

157) Free To Choose Youtube 153K = 153,000 subscribers

“Free To Choose Network is a 501(c)3 global media company, producing thought-provoking documentaries and online series endorsing personal, economic, and political freedom through its production company, Free To Choose Media.”

158) The First Rumble 27K Youtube 121K thefirsttv.com/watch = 148,000 subscribers

The First is designed for Americans who love freedom and bold opinions. Hosts include Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, Jesse Kelly, Mike Slater, and top contributors.

159) Tracy Beanz Rumble 3.2K Bitchute 12.6K Youtube 132K = 147,800 subscribers

“Conquering the lies, and uncovering the truth. Much appreciation to all of my fellow searchers.”

160) Amazing Polly Rumble 35K Bitchute 108.5K amazingpolly.net = 143,500 subscribers

“Globalism = communism = Luciferianism.
I am a free speech absolutist and oppose identity politics.
Supporter of Trump’s agenda, want to see Canada survive Trudeau.”

161) Mises Institute Bitchute 3.2K aka Mises Media Youtube 139K = 142,200 subscribers

“The Mises Institute promotes Austrian economics, freedom, and peace in the liberal intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises through research, publishing, and education.”

162) The News Junkie’s Cartoons Rumble 674 Youtube 139K = 139,674 subscribers

Image of logo from the conservative youtube cartoon channel "The News Junkie's Cartoons:.

163) The BCP Report Youtube 139K = 139,000 subscribers

Image of black conservative youtuber "BCP Report" from his conservative Youtube channel of the same name.

164) GOP War Room Youtube 138K = 138,000 subscribers

“Official account for the Republican National Committee’s War Room. Focusing on covering the Democrats’ scandals and hypocrisy, media commentary, and Republican accomplishments.”

165) Tony Heller Rumble 7.8K Youtube 113K Newtube.app 15.5K = 136,600 subscribers

Setting the record straight about junk science and propaganda. Climate favorite topic.

166) MRCTV Rumble 2.2K Youtube 133K = 135,200 subscribers

“MRCTV is an online media platform designed to broadcast conservative values, culture, politics, liberal media bias, and entertainment to a new and diverse audience on a social media optimized site. Our goal is to break down the boundaries between traditional conservative media and mainstream culture.”

167) Scott Adams Rumble 14K Bitchute 11K Youtube 106K (Episode #1213 deleted by YT) = 131,000 subscribers

“If you enjoy learning how to be more effective in life while catching up with the interesting news, this is the channel for you.”

168) Quite Frankly comedy Rumble 17K Bitchute 20.3K Youtube 93K = 130,300 subscribers

Image of Conservative Comedian, Youtuber, Rumbler, & Bitchuter "Quite Frankly".

“Current Events, History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond”

169) Man In America Rumble 12K Bitchute 310 Youtube 117K = 129,310 subscribers

“Just a man in America. Patriot, husband, and father. 2-3 short videos each week and 1 in-depth each month.”

170) Aydin Paladin Youtube 121K = 121,000 subscribers

“I talk about politics, news, social psychology, media psychology, human communication and, most importantly memes.”

171) Red Eagle Politics Rumble 2.8K Bitchute 1.3K YT 116K = 120,100 subscribers

“This channel consists of political commentary and election analysis.”

172) Patricia Dickson Youtube 120K = 120,000 subscribers

Christian/Conservative/Retired Iraq War Veteran/

173) Benny Johnson Rumble 78K YT 41.7K = 119,700 subscribers

“America is worth fighting for. We will fight.”

###) Behizy Youtube 118K Terminated by YT

A young black conservative who took his channel very political about three months ago (written May 3, 2021).

174) Michelle Malkin Bitchute 12.7K YT 102K = 114,700 subscribers

175) Bobby Eberle Rumble 582 Youtube 113K = 113,582 subscribers

176) Thomas Sowell TV Youtube 111K = 111,000 subscribers

Image of logo for the conservative youtube channel "Thomas Sowell TV". A conservative youtuber.

“Enjoy the best of Dr. Thomas Sowell. We use the work of Dr. Sowell to debunk cultural narratives.”

177) Steve Pieczenik Youtube 110K = 110,000 subscribers

“one of the world’s most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for five U.S. administrations.” Four months since last video (Oct, 2020).

178) Alison Morrow Youtube 107K = 107,000 subscribers

“I started my career as a booking producer for FOX & Friends on FOX News Channel. …… I am the recipient of two Emmy awards as well as the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi award for Excellence in Journalism. I am married to a USMC veteran and a mom to a little girl, a pit bull and two horses.”

179) EricGreitens Youtube 105K = 105,000 subscribers

Former Navy SEAL, Founder of The Mission Continues, & 56th Governor of Missouri.

180) The Daily Signal Youtube 95.4K = 95,400 subscribers

“The Daily Signal delivers investigative and feature reporting and the most important political news and commentary. The team is committed to truth and unmatched in knowledge of Washington’s politics and policy debates.”

181) The Western Journal Rumble 5.9K Bitchute 282 YT 85.3K = 91,482 subscribers

“The Western Journal publishes content for Heartland America through news and information combined with political and cultural commentary sections,”

182) Oppressed Media Youtube 91K = 91,000 subscribers

“This channel is about dismantling ideas that lead to policies that will end up ruining Western Civilization.”

183) Real America’s Voice Youtube 90.7K = 90,700 subscribers (As of Jan. 1, 2022 last posted in August 2021)

Real America’s Voice delivers news programs and live-event coverage that capture the authentic voice and passion of real people all across America.

184) MartinBrodel Bitchute 21.5K YT 66.1K = 87,600 subscribers

“i deal primarily in politics, but will also discuss sports and most anything that interests me…..”

185) The John Birch Society Rumble 1.5K Youtube 85.5K = 87,000 subscribers

“Reining in big government is what we do! We organize concerned Americans, activists, and patriots in their communities and use education and action to achieve less government, more responsibility and–with God’s help–a better world.”

186) Mike Cernovich Youtube 80.2K = 80,200 subscribers

“Culture, mindset, movies, book reviews, and current affairs! Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker who has reported from the White House and all over the world.”

187) Common Sense Soapbox comedy Youtube 7.5K = 77,500 subscribers

Image of logo for the Conservative comedy channel "Common Sense Soapbox:.  A Conservative Youtube channel.

“Short animated comedy videos taking on trending issues and important concepts from a classical liberal perspective, featuring Seamus from FreedomToons.”

188) AlfonZo Rachel comedy Youtube 73.7K = 73,700 subscribers

Image of logo for Conservative Comedian AlfonZo Rachel.  A conservative youtube channel.

“I Make videos sharing my thoughts on things; Faith, Politics, culture, etc. I hear they’re pretty thought provoking and even pretty funny sometimes!”

189) Trump War Room Youtube 71.5K = 71,500 subscribers

“Highlighting President Trump’s #PromisesKept, fighting #FakeNews. Warning: this account punches back 10 times harder. Managed by #TeamTrump 2020 campaign #MAGA”

190) James Klug Youtube 71.5K = 71,500 subscribers

Honest conservative political commentary and entertainment.

191) Kip Simpson Youtube 70.3K = 70,300 subscribers

“Chris Kip Simpson reports on current events, new videos posted throughout the week.”

192) @Timcast Bitchute 69.2K = 69,151 subscribers

193) Mike Nificent Bitchute 1.7K YT 65.52K = 67,220 subscribers

Image of Conservative Youtuber Mike Nificent. Also a conservative Bitchute channel.

“In today’s world, there is an oppressive status quo of values and beliefs, and those who dissent from that orthodoxy are subject to tyranny. Minds are awakening and shifting towards truth.”

194) Sanity 4 Sweden (Sweden) Bitchute 16.7K Youtube 49.1K = 65,800 subscribers

195) The Red Elephants Bitchute 64.2K = 64,200 subscribers

196) Stu Does America Rumble 12K YT 52.1K = 64,100 subscribers

197) Joy Villa Youtube 63.3K = 63,300 subscribers

Image of black conservative youtuber Joy Villa.

…”a political commentator and conservative activist when she wore the now famous, Make America Great Again dress at the 2017 Grammys.”

198) The Free Speech Club (Canada) YT 63.3K = 63,300 subscribers

199) The Federalist Society Youtube 61.5K = 61,500 subscribers

…”founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.”

200) Steve Deace Show Rumble 26K Youtube 35.3K = 61,300 subscribers

“Principled conservatism with a snarky twist served up daily.”

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